Problems with Paying for Plone Conference Tickets? Here's the workaround

Some of you may have experienced difficulties while buying your conference ticket. We are sorry for that but right now there is little we can do about it. Therefore we offer a few alternatives. One way or another, we'll get you your conference and boat ticket!

All Tickets

These options are for: conference tickets, conference training sessions (the one using the Paylogic payment) and the boat tickets.

Credit card

Order by phone and the use of your credit card. The company Paylogic that handles the conference payments is able to process orders by phone. Call their number, have your credit card ready and just follow the instructions given.

International telephone number: +3120 7009 802


You can order a ticket using our Four Digits Paypal account. If you do so, send us an email with the following info:

For the boat: The number of people and names, and who you would prefer to share a cabin with (if any).
For a conference ticket: your name, company name, T-shirt size, if you attend the sprint, and food preferences. When we receive the money, we will send your pass via email.

Four Digits Paypal:

Bank Transfer

Bank number:

IBAN: NL11RABO0156605872

Address of bank: Mr. D. U. Stikkerstraat 11, 6842 CW, Arnhem, The Netherlands
Sharing charges: SHA, They charge € 0,07 per transaction.

Same here, please send us an email that the money is being transferred and the info we mention at the Paypal option.

Cash at the door

Last but not least: is good old fashioned hard cash. If you bring bring the required amount of money to the conference, we will make sure there is a ticket or bed with your name on it. Should you choose this option, notify us by sending a mail to, sign and return the form we send you and you're all set.

If you have any questions or problems, please email us at and we will do anything to help you.