29 contributions sponsored by Google

Google's Highly Open Participation Contest (GHOP) has sponsored the completion of 29 tasks for Plone by pre-university level students around the world.

Thanks to Google's latest attempt to get people involved in Open Source software 29 community suggested tasks to improve Plone in various ways have been completed by a group of talented pre-university level students.  There are far too many contributions to go into them all here, but all submissions are visible to the public on Google Code, the table below has links to each student's contributions.


Student PyPI / Collective name Task
Set up a link checker and report broken links on plone.org
Create a new theme for Plone: Essay
blender...web.de plonetheme.blue_blog
Create a new theme for Plone: Blue Blog
blender...web.de collective.portlet.links
Create a Plone 3 portlet that lets site administrators create a list of links and have them appear as buttons.
Review and suggest improvements to the plone.org Information Architecture
Merge documentation issue tracker into main issue tracker
Merge Archetypes issue tracker into main issue tracker
A Plone theme gallery
Design a better user interface for the "Manage portlets" screen
Produce a report on the pages on plone.org that are outdated or misleading in light of the recent Plone 3 release.
How to ask for help document
Create a short slideshow of distinctive plone websites
Skin Trac using CSS so it looks like plone.org
Determine the actual dependencies for the various plone.* packages
Create script that keeps track of Google search placement for common searches
peteraward soniatheme
Create a new theme for Plone: Sonia
speedbre...aton.com plonetheme.andreas01
Create a new theme for Plone: Andreas01
speedbre...aton.com plonetheme.greencommunity      
Create a new theme for Plone: Green Community
speedbre...aton.com plonetheme.relic
Create a new theme for Plone: Relic
speedbre...aton.com plonetheme.python
Create a new theme for Plone: Python
speedbre...aton.com collective.portlet.paypal
Create a Plone 3 portlet that shows a pre-configured "donate with PayPal" button
speedbre...aton.com collective.portlet.amazon
Create a plone 3 portlet to show amazon associates boxes
Create nightly test runner to measure and log performance
Record five short screencasts showcasing the five most exciting features of Plone 3 (your pick)
Identify and fix errors in plone.org's error log
Evaluate plone's intuitiveness
Embedding videos in pages
Document tramline
Expand our wikipedia entry


For the tasks that involved contributing code such as the themes and portlets these are available on the collective and PyPI under the package names given.  Thanks to all of our wonderful contributors and Google for sponsoring this.


Grand prize winner

In addition to the cash and t-shirt based prizes each open source project nominated one grand prize winner who will attend an award ceremony at the Googleplex.  Our winner, Jonathan Wilde (speedbre...aton.com above) happens to live near the Googleplex so stopped by at the Strategic Planning Summit last weekend.

PSPS group

 Jonathan Wilde, centre; Plone people, everywhere else.