Information about the Membership Committee

Contact details, members and other relevant info for the Membership Committee.


The main responsibility of the Membership Committee is to evaluate membership applications from individuals who want to become members of the Plone Foundation.  The Membership Committee makes recommendations to the Plone Foundation Board of Directors, who have the final authority to approve or reject membership applications.

Applications for membership are reviewed by the committee approximately every two months with recommendations from the committee forwarded to the Board at the next subsequent board meeting.


The Membership Committee is appointed annually. The 2014-2015 members are:

  • T. Kim Nguyen, Chair
  • Chris Calloway
  • Maurizio Delmonte
  • Clayton Parker
  • Héctor Velarde
  • Nejc Zupan
  • Matthew Wilkes
  • Steve McMahon
  • Jean Jordaan
  • JC Brand

Contact details

The main line of communication is the Membership Committee mailing list:

Committee Chair T. Kim Nguyen can be reached at .