Register for Plone Conference Fanzone and Sprint in Sorrento

Fill out this form to register for the Plone Conference Sprint and Fanzone in Sorrento, Italy

About the Event

During the Plone Conference 2021 (Oct. 23.-31.) there will be a combined Sprint and Fanzone in Sorrento, where we usually Plone Open Garden takes place.

The idea is to sprint each day until 3pm and then together enjoy the Plone Conference talks and discussions together. Make sure to also register for the Plone Conference.

The next Plone Open Garden will hopefully take place in spring 2022.

Event Dates

This event will be October 22. to 31. so that people can attend (or give) trainings from the location.

About the 1. October Deadline

Reservations are required by this date for us to secure the advertised rates. If you do not confirm your reservation by then, the hotel cannot guarantee you will get the discounted rates.

If we do not get the minimum number of reservations by this date, we may have to cancel the event.

Only one quad and 3 triple rooms are reserved - they will be booked first come first served.

If you wish to stay in a quad or triple please plan to register early!

Reservation Is a Two-step Process

  1. Fill in this form. We collect this information to try and satisfy your preferences as to room-sharing, then pass fully-formed room occupancies on to the hotel.
  2. The hotel will contact you directly requesting confirmation and a credit card authorization.


After step 2, you are registered, and this has to happen before XXXX.

Green Pass required

As is required by the Italian Government, a Covid19 "green pass" is required. This basically translates to:

  • the EU digital vaccine certificate, showing full vaccination with one of the vaccines approved by the EMA;
  • or an official health certificate showing you have recovered from Covid19 in the past 6 months, and have the relevant medical documentation

There are some rather convoluted ways to travel into Italy using just a rapid series of tests, but for any remotely fun activity (like "dining") you need to re-test, or have the Green Pass anyway. So, to lessen confusion the organizers of this Sprint/Fanzone ask everyone to stick strictly to the above two methods only.

Before you travel, there a few forms that you will likely have to fill out; currently the Italian authorities require a "digital Passenger Locator Form". This may change; we'll keep you updated.

A Note About Groups

Everyone who intends to pay for their room (shared or single) needs to fill out this registration form. You may request specific roommates using the Roommate Request field, but your requested roommates also need to register with this form. If you wish to share your room and room expense with other Plonistas but have no roommates in mind, please indicate that on the Roommate Request field. If you have a family or other group paying with one credit card, you may leave the Roommate Request field blank.

Note that there are a limited number of rooms available, we will do our best to accommodate the room wishes as far as possible.

The Fine Print

  • Longer stays: The hotel is offering a 10% discount on their web rate for those who wish to attend 1 day earlier or depart 1 day later. For these days only breakfast is included.
  • Cancellation policy: Free cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival. After that, a 50% penalty is due for late cancellation or early departure.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Your Room Choice   Prices are per night.

You will receive an email from us confirming your registration. We will contact you; please do not contact the hotel directly. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you in Sorrento!