Snow Sprint 2007

Fourth year in a row, an event you shouldn't miss.

Date: Saturday, 27th of January 2007 - Saturday, 3rd of February 2007

All you need to know when you are there

All you need is here.


We'll focus on Multimedia / Plone / Zope3 / Web 2.0. Se topic page for more info.


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Gasthaus Hirschen in Sibratsgfäll (Bregenzerwald/Austria)

The Hirschen is in the middle of the little village Sibratsgfäll. There are 2 lifts for skiing, a toboggan-run which is lightened at night and a cross-country ski run nearby (no transportation needed).

Logistic information

Nearest airports: Friedrichshafen, Zurich, Munich; then you need to take a train to St. Margrethen or Dornbirn; You can check the timetable here.

There will be shuttles from and to the train-stations St. Margrethen and Dornbirn to the snow-sprint location on 27.01. and 03.02.

Snow sprint 2007 - flyer

The temporary timetable is as followed:

Shuttle 1

5:30 dep. Sibra: Spanky, David Brenneman, Thorsten Sigmund, Zoltan Szabo
6:30 arr. Dornbirn
7:00 arr. St. Margrethen

Shuttle 2

9:00 dep. Sibra: Katja Süß, Godefroid Chapelle, David Siedband, Ramon Bartl, Stefan Eletzhofer, Christian Scholz, Gregoire Weber
10:00 arr. Dornbirn
10:30 arr. St. Margrethen

Shuttle 3

11:30 dep. Sibra: Stephan Holek, Markus Hilbert, Markus Kemmerling, Georg Bernhard, Lennart Regebro, Nina Schütz, Saskia Lubrich, Andreas Zeidler
12:30 arr. Dornbirn
13:00 arr. St. Margrethen

Shuttle 4

15:00 dep. Sibra: Kai Lautaportti, Aleksi Korvenranto, Nate Aune, Benjamin Saller, Michael Davis, Tom Lazar, Balasz Ree
16:00 arr. Dornbirn
16:30 arr. St. Margrethen

How much?

Attendance fee: 400 euros plus 20% tax = 480 euros

This includes the transportation from and to the station St. Margrethen or Dornbirn to the sprint-location, full board and lodging, high speed internet, tickets for the toboggan-run and tickets for cross-country skiing - for the whole week


just contact lovely Miann


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