Conference Schedule

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A grid showing 2 tracks on 3 days with talk titles and speaker names for each session.Don't forget, that on Tuesday evening we have a great concert / comedy show arranged for you which starts at 7:30 pm in one of the rooms of the conference location. Entry is free so be sure you will not miss this unforgetable event.
Day One Day Two Day Three
Session Talks Tutorials Talks Tutorials Talks Tutorials
State of Plone Keynote
Alexander Limi
Alan Runyan
Zope Keynote
Jim Fulton
CMF 2.0: Advancing the Platform
Tres Seaver
Using Mozilla/XUL with Plone
Calvin Hendryx Parker
Banyan Case Study
Sangeetha Prithviraj
Strong Plone Authentication Using Python and OpenSSL
Raphaël Poss
Gaël Le Mignot
Building an artist community website using Poseidon/ArchGenXML
Nate Aune
Long running tasks in Zope/Plone
Arno Gross
Translations in large websites with XLIFF
Sasha Vinčić
Best Practices for Plone
Joel Burton
Christian Theune
Coding for 2.1
Martin Aspeli
Generic Plone Content and TTW Types
Dr. Fabrizio Reale
ArchGenXML in Practice
Philipp Auersperg
Jens Klein
Berne Case Study
Pascal Habegger
Thomas Goetsch
Best Practices for Plone
Joel Burton
Document Library
Kit Blake
Plone fight against "bad-hair-days"
Jan Murre
Martijn Pieters
Raphael Ritz
David Convent
ArchGenXML in Practice
Philipp Auersperg
Jens Klein
Introduction to Five
Martijn Faassen
Multilingual websites with LinguaPlone
Geir Bækholt
Windows integration
Alan Runyan
Five (Tutorial)
Philipp von Weitershausen
Instant Instances
Jerry McRae
Plone Foundation Workshops
Paul Everitt
Zope 3 Views
Michel Pelletier
CMFEditions: Versioning for Plone
Gregoire Weber
Francesco Ciriaci
Platonic Wikis and Subversive Social Interfaces
Jonah Bossewitch
Five (Tutorial)
Philipp von Weitershausen
PloneOntology: Collaborative Keyword Management
Thomas Förster
Plone Foundation Workshops
Paul Everitt
Fluid - Plone Application with AJAX functionality.
Manfred Schwendinger
Jodok Batlogg
XML Export/Import
Kapil Thangavelu
Goldegg: Funding the Stack
Paul Everitt
Navin Nagiah
Takashi Linzbichler
Scalable Clustering
Hannes Wölfler
The use of Plone for enterprise solutions
Dr Alexander Samarin
Eclipse: The What, Why, and How
Rocky Burt
Ajax in CompositePack
Godefroid Chapelle
Pimp My Site!
Arjen Voogt
Plone Licensing Options
Joel Burton
Plone Java-Portlets
Mathias Knoll
Johann Zagler
Plone Arbitrary Content
Martin Kaiser-Kaplaner
Mini CRM
Arno Gross
Ivan Tyagov
Project Management
Jean-Paul Ladage
Web Services and Zope
Benjamin Saller
Lightning Talks
Paul Everitt
Plone Rocks My World!
Chris Withers
JavaScript in Plone
Florian Schulze
ZUCCARO: Model Driven Architecture for Academic Research
Martin Raspe
Lightning Talks
Paul Everitt
Working For a Better World With Plone
Peter Hollands
Lightning Talks
Paul Everitt
Plone Foundation Meeting
Paul Everitt
Plone Foundation Meeting
Paul Everitt
Philipp Auersperg
Jens Klein
Lightning Talks
Paul Everitt