Plone Conference 2005 in Vienna

The third Plone Conference, held September 2005 in Vienna, Austria.

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  • September Mon 19th - Wed 21st, 2005


  • Vienna, Austria at the Akademie der bildenden Kuenste (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)

    Atelierhaus - "Semperdepot", Lehárgasse 6-8, 1060 Vienna

  • Here some impressions of the location: Hall, Prospekthof


You can expect the main part of the Plone core developers, as well as a number of other influential Plone developers. There will be a huge track lead by Enfold, showing their great Windows integration technologies for Plone. There will be Tres Seaver, the father of CMF. There will be Plone Solutions showing up the latest developments. You will see great case studies from Plone Users like the Max Planck institute as well as others.

So featuring

  • Alan Runyan, Plone Founder
  • Alex Limi, Plone Founder
  • Jim Fulton, Zope Founder and Chief architect
  • Paul Everitt, Zope Founder and Zope Europe Director
  • Tres Seaver, Father of CMF
  • Joel Burton, Chairman of Plone Foundation
  • and many many more

Plone Conference 2005


Talks, tutorials, keynotes are available at the Conference Schedule

See the Talk and Tutorial list online

Details about Opening Meeting available

See here for maps and adress where we meet on Sunday evening

Great Concert / Comedy event at Tuesday - Entry free

Don't plan anything for Tuesday evening. At 7:30 pm at the conference location we organized a great event for you. Those of you who are following the activities of the Plone events might have heard about the legendary concert performed at Castle Sprint 1 in 2003. This year again Richard Joo and his collegues will perform a show you will not forget. A little Nightmare Music is a funny comedy show and a twist of beautiful music performed by two incredible virtuosos of the violin and piano.

Maps online

See and print these maps to find the location easier

All important stuff at a glance:


Talks, tutorials, keynotes will be published at the Conference Schedule as soon as everything is sorted out.

How to get around in Vienna

Yeap, Vienna is a big city and therefore we organized this year a special service for you. At the registration page you can order together with your registration also 72hours tickets or week tickets for public transportation in Vienna.

In the registration area you find several options for transportation tickets. All tickets mean a flatrate on all public transportations in Vienna, regardless whether you need busses, cable cars, or subways. See also here

How to find the location

Give me some days to try all possibilities out and you can expect exact travel directions which you can follow blind like last year ;)

Other Related Events

In relation to the Plone Conference, several events are arranged before and after. Here's a short overview:

  • Castle Sprint 2005 (September 23rd until 27th at Castle Goldegg, BlueDynamics' Headquarter)

    The castle sprint this year will be a Duathlon We cover two sprint topics (see below) and the world best developers of the Zope and Plone world will participate.

    How to get there

    • Topic One

      **Get ArchGenXML ready for Zope 3**. This sprint will be a small effective sprint without huge parties around. This sprint will also cover that we are planning to integrate ArchGenXML into Eclipse, so if there are some Eclipse Xperts out there please contact us.

    • Topic Two

      The second topic will be the Goldegg Project. The Goldegg project will fund simultaneous work at three layers of the software stack: Plone, CMF, and Five/Zope 3. This will allow architectural decisions to get attention and results through coordination between layers. For more answers please checkout also the FAQ page for this.

    Goldegg will provide resources (money and time) to help Plone and CMF answer a looming question: "What about Zope 3?"

    These steps will lead to the ultimate goal of increasing the adoption of Zope and Plone worldwide.

  • Plone Multimedia Sprint

    Make Plone ready also for multimedia content. This sprint takes place also in Vienna from Thursday 22nd to Friday 23rd. See here for details

  • Plone Foundation Board Meeting

    The Board of Directors of the Plone Foundation will meet face-to-face in the late afternoon of Tuesday, 20th September. This will be already the new elected board

  • Opening Meeting on Sunday evening

    We've booked a complete restaurant for participants who want to meet the night before. Details will follow here .

  • Piano Concert with Richard Joo on Tuesday 20th evening at the "Prospekthof"

About the Plone Conference

Like our first conference in New Orleans, and last year in Vienna, this year's conference will focus primarily on the people that make Plone what it is—the developers and contributors to the finished product. In addition to this focus, we will also be adding material to benefit those in business and politics who have adopted Plone within their organizations. As Plone is built on top of the Zope server infrastructure, our success has had the side-effect of attracting tens of thousands of users to the Zope Application Server. For this reason, we will include sessions on not just Plone, but also its supporting technologies, Zope and Python.

The three-day conference in Vienna, Austria will begin on September 19th and run until September 21st. There will be two different tracks - a Tutorial Track for those who would like to learn their first bit about Plone or advance their skills, as well as a Talks Track for those who would rather hear some history, use-cases, and demonstrations of what Plone can do.

In addition to the 2005 Plone Conference there will be a party held at the Prospekthof on Tuesday night which will undoubtedly be something not to miss.