Cathedral Sprint 2014

A stategic Plone sprint between the 10th and 14th of February 2014 in Cologne.
When Feb 10, 2014 09:00 AM to
Feb 14, 2014 06:00 PM
Where GFU Cyrus AG, Cologne, Germany
Contact Name
Contact Phone +49 228 286 288 380
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About the Sprint

This strategic sprint will take place between the 10th and 14th of February 2014 in Cologne. The sprint will focus on the remaining tasks to push a first alpha release of Plone 5 as rougly outlined by Eric Steele in June 2014.

The Current State of Plone and Upcoming Sprint Tasks

  • The Dexterity-based default content types ( and the new event type ( have been already merged into the Plone 5 branch. During the sprint we will work on fixing the remaining bugs and making sure we provide a smooth upgrade experience.
  • A new set of widgets ( has been created and we will work on fixing remaining bugs and merging it into the Plone 5 branch.
  • New theme and UI: A new Diazo-based default theme for Plone has been created and we will work on the implementation and the integration into the current code base.
  • Cleanup and making Plone easier to work with: Removal of old technologies such as skins folder, main_template, selected portal_tools, portal properties, formlib, etc.

About Cologne

Source: Wikipedia "Panoramic Image of the old town at dusk"

The city of Cologne (the proper German name is "Köln") is, by the number of inhabitants, the fourth biggest city in Germany, with just over one million citizens.

Cologne has a 2,000-year history. Its people are well-known for their hospitality and zest for life. Cologne is the business hub in the west of Germany and the heart of Europe. It has a strong industrial tradition, being to the south-west of the highly industrialized and populated area of the “Ruhrgebiet”. Today it has a strong footing in the tertiary sector, with the media (TV), IT, and design industry being major employers.

Cologne has very good traffic connections via air, by train, or car. It also has an excellent public transport network.

Cologne has a rich cultural life with many museums, several excellent shopping areas, and many places for recreation. People can visit the many well known tourist attractions, especially the Cologne Cathedral (“Dom”). The city also has a very vibrant night life and great locations for social events in the evening. You can also enjoy great food of almost any flavour in about 500 restaurants and bars, including special local food.

Well, of course the most important “food” in Cologne is ”Kölsch”. On the one hand, Kölsch is the name of the local dialect of the German language; on the other hand,  is the name of the typical beer of the Cologne area (or, as many people say: “Kölsch is the only language that you can drink”).

About our Sponsor

GFU Cyrus AG – a competent partner for 30 years

Founded as GFU Cyrus + Rölke mbH already in 1980, GFU is nowadays among the most renowned IT-coaching institutions in Germany. Several thousand IT specialists from all over the Federal Republic of Germany visit seminars at GFU every year. The program includes more than 550 different seminars from areas such as A for Administration through operating systems to Z for ZOPE.

With about 50 lecturers from different fields of IT, GFU has a very big potential of technical competence at its hands. This know-how is what we offer you for working on your projects and for coaching.

Among the clients of GFU banks, insurance companies, trading companies, municipalities and public services can be found.

GFU attributes great importance to the fact that its lecturers constantly gain more experience and knowledge by practical work on different projects. This is the only way we can really guarantee your success in the seminar. Excellent GFU lecturers pass on the neccessary knowledge in a compact form.

The seminars take place in a distinctly nice and personal atmosphere in the rooms of GFU in central Cologne. There is state-of-the-art technology available in the seminar rooms. Each computer at GFU is equipped with an internet connection, WiFi is available for your own laptops. Beamer, flipcharts and printers are self-evident for running the seminars.

For More Information

Contact Timo Stollenwerk at or visit the sprint wiki.

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