An installable theme for Plone 4

ITYOU Blue Theme for Plone 4


This is a simple Plone 4 Theme with different colors and a width fixed to 960px.

The following standard viewlets have been modifed:

  • plone.portalheader: A searchbox with minor changes has been added
  • plone.portaltop: The viewlets contentviews and contentactions have been moved to the viewlet manager plone.portaltop
  • plone.abovecontent: The path_bar viewlets has been removed

Three skin folders have been added:

  • /ityou_bluetheme_images additional images can be found here
  • /ityou_bluetheme_templates (no changes yet)
  • /ityou_bluetheme_styles Changes in main.css and a new stylesheet: tabs.css

The Theme can easily be uninstalled.


0.1b1 (unreleased)

  • Initial release

0.1 (final)

  • (re)added path bar for anonymous user
  • table css finished

Author name: Luc Muller

Author email: