EDRN Miscellaneous Content Types


This product, edrnsite.misccontent, provides miscellaneous content types for Plone (version 3 or later) in support of the Early Detection Research Network's public portal. Although intended for the EDRN public portal, it can be installed in any Plone-compatible site.

It was developed by the Informatics Center (IC), operated by JPL.


Use Buildout with the plone.recipe.zope2instance recipe.

  • Add edrnsite.misccontent to the list of eggs to install, e.g.:

    eggs =
  • Re-run buildout, e.g. with:

    % ./bin/buildout

You can skip the ZCML slug if you are going to explicitly include the package from another package's configure.zcml file.


What follows is a history of changes from release to release.

1.0.6 — Plone 4.3.9 Upgrade

  • CA-1592

1.0.5 — I Had Some Chicken; Pass Me the FLOSS

  • First official release as free/libre/open source software.

1.0.4 — More Upgrades

  • Use z3c.autoinclude
  • Compatible with Plone 4.3

1.0.3 — Upgrades

Made compatible with Plone 4.1.5.

1.0.2 — Test Support

This release includes:

  • Depending on just Plone the framework instead of Plone the application.
  • Updating to the plone.app.testing fixtures.

1.0.1 - Upgrade Cleanup

This release sets the GenericSetup profile to 4 and adds upgrade steps for the profile.

1.0.0 - Plone 4

This release makes edrnsite.misccontent compatible with Plone 4.

0.0.2 - The Eleventh Hour

After viewing the new look-and-feel for EDRN across a variety of applications, management suddenly realizes they don't like it. This release attempts to satisfy them. See https://oodt.jpl.nasa.gov/jira/browse/CA-599 for more.

0.0.1 - Unknown release

It's a myyyyssteeeerrry!

0.0.0 - Unreleased

Initial release into beta.

Author name: Sean Kelly

Author email: sean.kelly@jpl.nasa.gov