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collective.slideshare does not add any new contenttypes. It adds new views for your Link and File (currently archetypes only) contenttypes.

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You have to configure collective.slideshare first to be able to use it. It requires an API KEY and a SHARED SECRET. Additionally you may provide a username and password. If you do not provide usermane and password you will be prompted for those every time you upload a file to slideshare. You can obtain an API KEY at

You can specify a policy for this behaviour:

  • Always use the credentials provided, never prompt user for input
  • Always ask user for his credentials
  • Allow user to supply his credentials, if none are provided use the system credentials

Files can be automatically uploaded to SlideShare when you 'publish' them. For this to work a workflow must be activated for Files and you have to provide credentials and the policy must not require the user to supply his own credentials.

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When you add a link to a SlideShare presentation the product retrieves the slideshare_id from SlideShare and embeds the presentation in your page. Do NOT use the link given in the slideshare <> Embed option! You can (de)activate the 'SlideShare View' at any time.

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When you upload a Presentation you can change the view to 'SlideShare View'. You will then be asked to provide your credentials to add this file to SlideShare and the presentation will be embedded in the page. At First you may see a 'This document has either been removed or made private by its owner' message. This is to be expected as SlideShare needs a little time to convert the presentation. Refresh the page after a little while.

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Slideshow was removed from SlideShare_

When a presentation is removed from SlideShare you can simply change the view back to the default view. However this does not remove the id from the annotation. To remove the annotation you have to call Remove Slideshare Annotation in the Actions menu or manually append @@slideshare_removeid.html to your objects url.

This does NOT delete the presentation from SlideShare. It is not recommended to remove the id if you do not delete the presentation from SlideShare, because if you change the view back to SlideShare View it will result in another upload of the presentation.

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Change history

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0.3 (2013/12/11)
  • add action Remove Slideshare Annotation

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0.2 (2013/12/11)
  • fix broken Manifest

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0.1 (2013/12/04)
  • initial release
  • Created recipe with ZopeSkel [Christian Ledermann]

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Christian Ledermann, Author

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Author name: Christian Ledermann

Author email: