An openlayers view for KML, KMZ and GPX files


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collective.geo.file provides a view for KML, KMZ (Keyhole Markup Language) and GPX (GPS eXchange Format) files. The view renders the file in a openlayers Map using the collective.geo library.

The product does not introduce a content type but adds an additional view to the Archetypes file and collection type.

When you upload a file with the correct mimetype 'application/' (i.e with the extension *.kml), 'application/' (extension *.kmz) or 'application/gpx+xml' (i.e. with the extension *.gpx) the map view will be applied by default.

KML, KMZ and GPX files are displayed in the KML Openlayers View of collections and Folders

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Known Issues

If you assign coordinates to the file with the IGeoreferenceable Interface you have to set the viewletmanager to 'Do not display map' otherwise it will REALLY screw up your view. The coordinates assigned there will display as the first layer on the 'Map View' of the file and they will display in the 'KML File Map View' of a topic.

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0.6 (2013/08/30)
  • override the adapter from collective.geo.kml.browser for maplayers
  • add support for folders and new style collections
  • remove the kmlfiletopic_view view
  • add caching rules

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0.5 (2013/02/13)
  • removed unused viewlet and manager, with the changes in c.g.kml to vectorlayers this is not used anymore
  • remove extractgeometries, this now lives in c.g.xmlimport
  • no more dependency on shapely

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0.4 (2012/06/18)
  • Add KML File extraction [nan]
  • Add support for KMZ files [nan]

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0.3 (2011/06/14)
  • Added support for Spanish localization [macagua]
  • Added improvements about the Internationalization [macagua]
  • zoom to the extent of the file data or if present the geo referenced coordinates
  • add view for GPX files

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0.2 (2011/05/20)
  • remove i18n:registerTranslations directory

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0.1 (2011/05/11)
  • Initial release

Author name: Christian Ledermann

Author email: