An add-on for Plone


A behavior to create banners and sliders from banners.



The behavior collective.behavior.banner.slider.ISlider adds the option to add relations to several banners (i.e. items that have the Banner behavior enabled). These banners are then displayed like a banner but fade.

The slider viewlet uses the javascript library and fades from one banner to another. You can easily use a different javascript libray by overriding the viewlet templates (see below).

Before you use a slider/carousel on your website, please take time to read


Banners are inherited by child objects. In a controlpanel you can configure which types should display inherited banners. You can also prevent inheriting banners for an item and its child objects by enabling the option Do not inherit banner from parents on the banner tab. If you want a banner for the entire site, you can assign one to the default content of the Navigation Root (or Plone site root).


To change the appearance (e.g. if you use a bootstrap theme or want to use a different effect in the slider) you can easily override the respective viewlets with z3c.jbot or (if you use The names of the files to create would be and


collective.behavior.banner is used on the following sites:


collective.behavior.banner works in Plone 4 and Plone 5.

For Plone 4 use Version 0.2. For Plone 5 use 1.0b1 and higher.

The branch plone4 supports Plone 4 while the branch master works in Plone 5 only.


To install collective.behavior.banner you simply add collective.behavior.banner to the list of eggs in your buildout, run buildout and restart Plone. Then, install collective.behavior.banner using the Add-ons control panel.

Enable the behavior by hand or in the FTI <your_package>/profiles/default/types/Folder.xml:

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.. code:: xml

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <object name="Folder" meta_type="Dexterity FTI">
     <property name="behaviors" purge="False">
      <element value="collective.behavior.banner.banner.IBanner"/>


If you are having issues, please let us know at



1.1 (2018-09-18)

  • Use the banner from the root default content if there is one [Vaal24]

1.0 (2018-08-16)

  • Add alt tag for banner image. [tlotze]

1.0b2 (2017-06-20)

  • Pass full banner-obj to templates to allow accessing object-attibutes. [pbauer]
  • Test against Plone 5.0.7 and fix all pep8-issues. [pbauer]
  • Show YouTube and Vimeo videos in a banner. [fulv]

1.0b1 (2015-11-30)

  • Use p5-style resources. [pbauer]
  • No longer explicitly set the relateditemswidget (it's default in p5). [pbauer]
  • Fix RelationList widget for slider_relation field. Fixes #1. [fulv]
  • Remove last traces of grok. [fulv]
  • Add compatability to Plone 5 with new buildout and test-setup. [pbauer]

0.2 (2015-11-30)

  • Add Documentation. [pbauer]
  • Remove grok. [pbauer]
  • Simplify traversing. [pbauer]
  • Unify css and templates. [gomez]
  • Basic styling for banner/slider. [santonelli]

0.1 (26.3.2014)

  • Initial release. [pbauer, gomez]

Author name: Philip Bauer

Author email: