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Plone is 100% funded by the Plone community. We have no corporate backers, no venture capital, no lucrative advertising deals with Google. And yet, we are among the largest, most successful and most vibrant open source projects in the world, thanks to you and the thousands of other people who are Plone.

Premium Sponsorship

Become a Premium SponsorAs a premium sponsor, you will get access to the finest that a non-profit organization can squeeze out of its volunteers. This includes:

  • A highlighted listing on the front page of our provider list page
  • A banner on the front page of
  • A prominent listing on the page (with a Premium Sponsor badge, your logo, and full text description of your services)
  • PLUS everything in the Standard Sponsorship package 

Standard Sponsorship

Become a Standard SponsorAs a standard sponsor, you will get:

Basic Sponsorship

Become a Basic Sponsor As a basic sponsor, you will get:

University Sponsorship

Become a University Sponsor As a university sponsor, you will get:

Foundation Heroes

Become a Foundation HeroThe Plone community thrives on the participation and help of hundreds of individuals. Every dollar counts and if you are a contractor or a small company we can offer you:

  • Recognition on the Plone supporting partners page
  • A shout out to you and yours from our Plone twitter page
  • Pride in supporting the work of the Plone Foundation to protect and promote Plone

Note: In order to meet IRS guidelines for tax-exempt organizations, sponsorship acknowledgements such as banners must be in the form of promotional logos or slogans that are an established part of the sponsor's identity.