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I want to translate my site to an another language, how?

I want to translate my site to an another language, how do I approach this?

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There are two main components to having a translated and/or multilingual site: 1. The user interface translation 2. The content translation User interface translation -- If you just want to keep your site in a single language, you can download "Plone Language Tool":/products/plonelanguagetool (only necessary if you are running Plone 2.0 — Plone 2.1 and up have this included), and install it from the 'Add/Remove Products' control panel. This will give you a 'Language Settings' control panel, where you can restrict what languages are available. If Plone is not already translated to your language (over 50 translations exist at the time of writing), and you have strong language skills, talk to the internationalization (“i18n” for short) team.

Content translation -- If you additionally need to maintain several translations of the same content, you will need to install an add-on product for multilingual content. "LinguaPlone":/products/linguaplone is the most commonly used product for this.