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How can I find a Plone consultant or developer to work on my project?

Sometimes you just need to hire someone to get something done. The Plone community is full of smart, friendly consultants and firms who make a living "doing Plone." Here's how to find one.

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In early 2007, the Plone Foundation launched Plone.net, which provides a comprehensive listing of Plone consultants around the world.  It's a great place to start your search.

It's also appropriate to post a short RFP (request for proposals) or description of your project on Plone's "General Questions" discussion forum/email list.  A good RFP will be as specific as possible about:

  • The scope of your project, e.g. what you need help with and how large a project this is
  • A brief sketch of the project's requirements
  • The timeframe for your project
  • Any other details that will help a prospective consultant understand whether your project is a good fit for their skills.