PLIP Process

Want to change something in Plone? Learn how major features and changes come to Plone.

The PLone Improvement Proposal (PLIP) Process

Fixed Release Cycle

Plone will be released in accordance to a 6 month fixed release cycle. This means a shift to smaller, timely releases. A list of release dates is below, but keep in mind that this is a target, not a process. If you want a release out faster, please download the latest betas and help us QA!

4 months into each cycle, there will be a feature freeze, and no more PLIPs will be considered for that release. Your PLIP MUST be done WITH final reviews by the following dates to make it into a release.

If you don't make it by the cutoff date, it will be 8 (!) months until your feature makes it into release; so to avoid having to start over and create new branches for your PLIP, etc. you will want to make sure you do not miss the cutoff date!

PLIP Life Cycle


PLIPS can be submitted at any time. The framework team will meet every 2 weeks and comment on any new PLIPs that have been submitted or updated. This change facilitates a faster release cycle while also guaranteeing feedback on any changes in less than 2 weeks.

Once a PLIP has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the framework team for inclusion in core. No code is reviewed at this point. If it is decided that a PLIP should not be included in the core, the author(s) are encouraged to go forward with the improvement as an add-on product, which can then be resubmitted at a later time.

Please note that your PLIP will not be reviewed without a seconder. For more information on submitting a PLIP, see PLIP Instructions.

NEW: In your PLIP, please indicate the release you are targeting by selecting a specific milestone (NOT 4.x or Future). This will be much easier to determine with the fixed release cycle.


As soon as the PLIP is accepted, development should start/continue on a PLIP config for the PREVIOUS release (eg More information on developing for Plone can be found on the documentation for Developing Core Plone. The FWT will assign a champion to your PLIP to oversee the process as well as answer any questions. This member will be added to the CC field of the PLIP ticket and indicated in the comments section. They will also supply a sane deadline for implementation in order to be included in the proposed release.

At any point, if time does not allow you to finish before the ideal release, just change the milestone. You will not have to go through the PLIP cycle again unless you have delayed by 3 releases or more. The re-review at that point is just to be sure the PLIP is still relevant.

Initial Review

When you feel development is complete, please change the ticket resolution to "Please Review". 2 FWT members will be assigned to your PLIP for review. Once the members are assigned, the reviews will be completed no more than 2 weeks later.

These members will provide a written review as has been historically done, and will also create tickets in trac for any changes, bugs, etc. that were found during the review. Any tickets marked as critical or blocker MUST be fixed to even be considered for merging. You can find these tickets by searching for all tickets with the keyword plip-XXXX, where XXXX is the referring PLIP number. (FWT: please also link to this report and/or these tickets in the review)

In addition to framework team reviews, your PLIP must be reviewed by 2 additional people of your choosing. We encourage you to pick people who are NOT "close to the code" to get an honest review. Please attach their reviews to the PLIP when they are ready. Your reviewers should follow these guidelines to review a PLIP.

Please do not wait until all reviews are in to fix bugs! We are switching to trac based bug tracking so that you have a clear idea of what needs to be fixed for final merge and also so that you can recruit more help as needed. Take advantage of that as you see fit.

After all reviews are in, the PLIP should go back to a "open" status. In addition, you will get a definitive deadline from the framework team for these issues to be addressed in order to make the next release. If that deadline is missed or if the FWT feels there are too many changes for this release, the PLIP will be pushed until the next release.

Final Review(s)

Once all major bugs/concerns on the PLIP have been addressed, please change the ticket resolution back to "Please Review". The original reviewers will re-review the changes and confirm that all major issues have been addressed and no blocker issues have been introduced.

This is not a final state, so if new issues are introduced they just need to go back to review until everything is clear for merge.

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