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Sreekanth S Rameshaiah

Sreekanth started to dabble with technology since 1992 as a teenager and then went on to become a technology consultant to a major rural development agency in Karnataka in 1998. He completed his engineering and MS in Information technology and moved on to co-found Mahiti Infotech providing Information and Communication Technology solutions to non-profits using Free and Open Source Technology. Since its inception in 2000 he held the position of Chief Technology Officer till 2006. Since then he has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer providing strategic direction to Mahiti and building international relations. He has developed various partnerships and businesses from across five continents and 38 countries. He is also well known as a strong open source advocate and member of many open-source technology boards. He is very passionate about Python programming language and frameworks built on python such as Zope, Plone, Django and Flask.
Location: Bangalore, India — Main Language: en

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