#197: Add FeedParser as external requirement instead of shipping with it

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by Christian Scholz last modified Jan 21, 2010 07:27 AM

Right now plone.app.portlets ships with the Feedparser library included in the source. In the future we should get rid of this and use an external requirement in the egg.

Proposed by
Christian Scholz
Seconded by
Jens Klein
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It's simply not elegant to ship with an external library inside the Plone source code. Now that we have an egg story it is easy to make the plone.app.portlets egg require this library and install it automatically.


Change setup.py of plone.app.portlets to have feedparser in the install_requires section. Then it should be removed from the source.


see proposal


new setup.py for plone.app.portlets and removal of feedparser.py

It's open though if we should put a deprecation warning in there for a limited time (see http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zope.deprecation/3.4.0).


- somebody might import it directly from this location (which is very unlikely though as you need to know that it's there)
- this will break upgrades on sites which do not have feedparser installed and who are doing a manual install


Christian Scholz