Plone Maps (collective.geo)

collective.geo allows to geo-reference Plone content types and to display this information over a map.

Project Description

Plone Maps (collective.geo)



This addon can be installed has any other addons, please follow official documentation.


To upgrade collective.geo go to in the Plone Site Setup > Addon.

When an upgrade is available a button will appear next to Plone Maps (collective.geo) product. Click the button to upgrade.


Dexterity support on collective.geo is provided by collective.geo.behaviour

To include collective.geo.behaviour package when you install collective.geo, enable the "dexterity" extra:

eggs =
    collective.geo.bundle [dexterity]


The package is documented at The sourcecode for this documentation resides in the docs folder of this package, please contribute.


  • Giorgio Borelli - gborelli
  • Silvio Tomatis - silviot
  • Gerhard Weis - gweis
  • David Beitey - davidjb
  • Adam Tang - adam139
  • Christian Ledermann - cleder



[X] Internationalized

[X] Unit tests

[ ] End-user documentation

[ ] Internal documentation (documentation, interfaces, etc.)

[X] Existed and maintained for at least 6 months

[ ] Installs and uninstalls cleanly

[ ] Code structure follows best practice

Current Release
Plone Maps (collective.geo) 2.1

Released Feb 26, 2014 — tested with Plone 4.3, Plone 4.2

Improved Dexterity support
More about this release…

Download file Get Plone Maps (collective.geo) for all platforms
collective.geo.bundle source
If you are using Plone 3.2 or higher, you probably want to install this product with buildout. See our tutorial on installing add-on products with buildout for more information.

All Releases

Version Released Description Compatibility Licenses Status
2.1 Feb 26, 2014 Improved Dexterity support More about this release…
Plone 4.3
Plone 4.2
GPL final
2.0 Oct 29, 2013 javascript code refactoring, Dexterity support More about this release…
Plone 4.3
Plone 4.2
Plone 4.1
Plone 4
GPL final
1.0 Mar 06, 2011 Collective geo bundle More about this release…
Plone 4.2
Plone 4.1
Plone 4
GPL final