Provide some additional Open Graph meta tag in your Plone site, so share items on Facebook will be simpler

Project Description

Add new meta tags to you Plone site, for better controlling how your items are shared on Facebook.


Are you commonly sharing contents from your Plone site or a site page to a Facebook account?

When you use the nice Facebook sharing interface, you have a simple way to customize additional data for the item that will be published (mainly: choose a proper image from the remote page). However when trying to do this automatically (e.g: you are publishing the link in a Twitter account that also feed a Facebook page) Facebook is choosing an image for you... and often this is not the image you want.

How can you solve this? In general you can provide some additional meta tag information using Open Graph standard, customizing many aspect of the way of sharing contents on Facebook.

Product detail

Installing collective.fbshare product and add some additional meta tags in the head section of your site.

Plone site metas

When sharing the site root, you'll get:

Always website
The URL to the site
See next section
The name of the site
The description of the site

When sharing site content's you'll get:

Always article
The URL to the content
The name of the Plone site
See next section
The title of the content
The description of the content
The publication date of the content (when present)
The expiration date of the content (when present)
A link to the creator's page. This will be used only when you choose to display the about info of site user's
List of content tags

About images

In the site control panel you can access a new configuration panel named "Open Graph sharing settings". From there you can:

  • provide a custom image content to be used as og:image
  • choose to use the site's logo as og:image
  • enable support for content images, this mean that content types with image field will be able to provide that image instead of a global ones. Also supported collective.contentleadimage

Coexistence with

Another very common plugin that add meta tag in Plone Pages is

As adding duplicate meta tag is reported as an error by Facebook verification, collective.fbshare will hide some of the HTML elements when both products are installed.


Tested on:

  • Plone 3.3
  • Plone 4.2
  • Plone 4.3

On Plone 3.3 you need to configure properly dependencies and upgrade the default version used of plone.z3cform.

Similar product

There's another Plone package: that will give you Open Graph support: collective.opengraph


Developed with the support of:

All of them supports the PloneGov initiative.


This product was developed by RedTurtle Technology team.

RedTurtle Technology Site


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[ ] Internal documentation (documentation, interfaces, etc.)

[X] Existed and maintained for at least 6 months

[X] Installs and uninstalls cleanly

[ ] Code structure follows best practice

Current Release
collective.fbshare 0.3.0

Released Jan 27, 2014 — tested with Plone 4.1, Plone 4.2, Plone 4.3

Download file Get collective.fbshare for all platforms
If you are using Plone 3.2 or higher, you probably want to install this product with buildout. See our tutorial on installing add-on products with buildout for more information.

All Releases

Version Released Description Compatibility Licenses Status
0.3.0 Jan 27, 2014 More about this release…
Plone 4.1
Plone 4.2
Plone 4.3
0.2.1 Jul 05, 2013 Minor bugfixing More about this release…
Plone 4.3
Plone 4.2
Plone 4.1
Plone 4
Plone 3
GPL final
0.2.0 Nov 26, 2012 Better image support and bugfixes More about this release…
Plone 4.2
Plone 4.1
Plone 4
Plone 3
GPL final
0.1.0 First public release More about this release…
Plone 4.2
Plone 4.1
Plone 4
Plone 3
GPL beta