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Plone Events.

Training Announcements

Upcoming training events around the world.

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From time to time, conferences focusing on Plone are arranged. Here are some of the past ones, as well as upcoming events.

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Regional Symposia

Symposia are smaller conference-like events that are arranged outside the Plone Foundation's guidance and endorsement. The Plone Foundation is urging smaller conferences to occur in regional areas, and you don't need approval from the Foundation to arrange one of these - although they should at least have a bare minimum of professionalism - proper program, reasonable attendance fees, etc.

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A Sprint is a focused development session lasting anywhere from a day to a week, in which developers pair off together and focus on building a particular subsystem of Plone.

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Summer of Code

Summer of Code is a Google program that offers student developers stipends to create new open source programs or to help currently established projects.

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World Plone Day

Local and regional gatherings promoting Plone on World Plone Day.

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Plone Tune-Ups

Plone Tune-Ups are regular online events that aim at addressing tickets in the Plone issue tracker and advancing the Plone CMS in general.

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