This document is valid for the current version of Plone.

I think I've found a bug in Plone. Where should I report it?

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Plone bugs should be reported as a ticket. Please search the issue tracker to make sure nobody else has already reported this or it hasn't been already fixed in a new version.

Bugs for third party products should be reported in the repository they request. This is usually indicated on the pypi page for the product or on the product listing in the products section.

If the issue is related to (this website), please file the ticket under the component "Website".

If the problem is in the documentation, report it to the plone tracker, and select the Documentation component, since the documentation is considered part of the Plone product.

Security-related bugs should be reported via email to security(at) Both security issues in Plone or its add-on products can be reported here, and we will contact the relevant maintainer if necessary.

Internationalization bugs (i18n) should be filed in the Plone issue tracker under the Internationalization component.

Translation bugs (l10n) should be filed in the dedicated translation issue tracker on